About TOWN

Growing up my family valued the traditional belief that school creates opportunities for life beyond the walls of the institution. My family is filled with “professionals” (generations of doctors). I did not fit this mould and school became a setting that made myself feel invaluable. When I married my beautiful wife my eyes were widened and my beliefs were split. On one side was my mother, a doctor who had a tremendous school background with a bunch of letters behind her name. On the other side was my father in-law who did not enjoy school; however, built a very successful company. Who is successful? The answer is simple, both. The more difficult question is, how do we include, educate and inspire all students inside our classrooms?

TOWN was created on the basis of creating an authentic, real world approach to school. The program is driven by authenticity and results in engagement and passion. Let students explore and discover in an authentic environment, with curiosity sparking a powerful path for learning.

The program is rooted in curriculum focused work built into a web-based software application. This gives students a memorable experience and allows teachers to confidently facilitate student learning.

TOWN is an inclusive, all encompassing program that celebrates all individuals and gives each student a chance to excel. TOWN creates an opportunity for students to show their diversity in interests and potentially uncover new ones. The experience fuels and sparks their learning inside the walls of our great schools and promotes valuable life skills that are often intangible and not gauged within the traditional framework of education.

I hope your classrooms are filled with passion, excitement and an entrepreneurial buzz!

Zane Anderson
TOWN Project CEO

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