Welcome to TOWN!

TOWN is a ten month project that allows students to understand the many aspects, attitudes, and characteristics of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and also a caring and connected citizen of a community.

TOWN breaks down the traditional walls of a classroom structure. It is a multidisciplinary program, which involves aspects from social studies, language arts, mathematics and science. It provides a great platform for students to apply and appreciate all disciplines, which do not work in isolation but are dynamic and connected in the real world.

Transform your classroom into an engaging & authentic environment!


Authentic Writing

Financial Literacy

Student Engagement

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving



Design Thinking

How TOWN Works?

During the TOWN experience students take total ownership in the creation of their community. They navigate critically and solve multiple authentic problems through a creative and innovative process. Development of a character, town, county and business are the foundational aspects within the TOWN program.

Once these foundational aspects are developed the students experience two distinct but connected sections. The first section is dynamic, fluid and exciting. Problems and opportunities are placed in front of the citizens of their respective community. Once these problems and opportunities are addressed, a financial and commodities market is displayed and citizens have a set amount of time to buy and sell commodities such as livestock, agriculture, supplies, land along with inventory. Each week the market prices change and students make strategic decisions on the position of their assets. After the market closes citizens have a set amount of time to purchase and sell products connected to their businesses during an open market called purchasing power.

The financial/commodities market and purchasing power are operated through the web-based software application! Teacher involvement is limited and students ultimately shape the financial future of their character and community.

The second section of TOWN is broken into different units. Each unit has one assignment that is completed during a timeframe of approximately one month.

The overall purpose of the first section is to allow students ownership and become totally invested in their learning. Students become active learners in the process of becoming a community member and local business owner. Citizenship & entrepreneurship ignite student learning!


I have been fortunate enough to see the development of TOWN from its earliest days.  I have also been delighted to see the students totally absorbed in this remarkable learning experience. It is one of the best learning tools I have ever seen.

Dr. Peter Gamwell, Speaker and consultant for Individual and Organizational Leadership, Learning and Creativity, and co-author of The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity.

The concept of TOWN is something I have never seen in nearly twenty years of school administrative experience! The level of student engagement is so high that students spend their evenings and weekends waiting to get back to school so that they can take part in TOWN again the next day.  I can honestly say, it is the most impressive teacher-developed program that I have ever witnessed.


My three sons had the privilege of participating in TOWN when they were in grade 6. The skills, experiences, and opportunities that they gained through this project were innumerable.  They would come home from school and talk about it for hours.  While having fun and strategizing, they were learning so many different skills.  Things like math, communication, critical thinking, time management, economics, and negotiation became a part of their daily discussions.  One of the other amazing benefits of this program was that it opened our boys’ eyes to different worlds and opportunities.  To see our kids, who mostly talk about sports, thinking about their future and expanding their view of where they see themselves fitting in the world is pretty exciting! The creativity, passion, ingenuity, and dedication put into this form of education is unbelievable and we are so thankful!